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TJ-44 ribbon foil stamping machine hot printer

 TJ-44 ribbon foil stamping machine hot printer

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Product Description
The machine are suitable for stamping and thermal transfer in wood, plastic strips, and a variety of ribbons and so on.
The device can be continuous and intermittent operation. Using infrared radiation heating. Thermostat small loss, has been widely used.
Product Feature
1 Electrical control, easy to operate.
2 Stamping head is adjustable, convenient scalding different thickness of the workpiece;
3 Stamping temperature, pressure, speed adjustable 0-20m/min;
4 Workbench adjustable front and rear left and right fine tuning;
5 Work is continuous, manual, automatic can;
6 automatic paper feeding and receiving and adjustable;
Product Specification/Models
Power supply: 220V,50HZ
Heating power: 1200W
Maximum pressure: 0.7-0 .8 Mpa
Nose stroke: 80mm
Thermostat motor: 25W
Foils Motor: 25W
Speed regulator motor: 180W
Paper feeder: automatic
Temperature range: room temp.-300 degree c
Weight: 320KGS
Dimension: 1200 * 600 * 1600mm