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TJ-1 manual hot stamping embosing machine

TJ-1 manual hot stamping embosing machine

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Product Description
TJ-1 is a small manual hot foil stamping machine, widely used in hot foil stamping , embossing & heat transfer printing on leather, paper, plastics and wood, etc
Product Feature
1. Worktable are removable,table height and vertical stroke are adjustable..
2. Stamping pressure, Temperature, feeding time and transfer time are adjustable .
Product Specification/Models
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Stamping plate area 120 * 240mm
Workbench area 440*330mm
Max pressure 1000kg
Vertical stroke 40mm
Heating power depending on the size of the heating plate
Feeding system mechanical drive
Weight 120KG
Dimensions 600 * 700 * 820mm