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TJ-97 auto hot foil stamping machine roll to roll

 TJ-97 auto hot foil stamping machine roll to roll

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Product Description
TJ-97 new automatic tipping machine volumes expected to solve a variety of mold installation difficulties, adjust the inconvenience, fast, simple, and effort to realize a machine.
Widely applicable to the requirements of the film, paper, leather, plastic, PVC, cloth and other materials flat stamping or color thermal transfer roll material.
Product Feature
1.high degree of intelligence, online expansion of a very strong
function of the large-format, high-speed, high stability
2.Constant pressure, speed, stable operation, stamping temperature, pressure,
speed adjustable
3.Stamping accuracy is very high, very fast, very high degree of automation.
Saving energy, saving manpower and significant cost savings
Product Specification/Models
the volume the material maximum width 1000mm
put the winding diameter 800mm
put rewinding paper core 3 "
hot stamping the head lifting Stroke 35mm
hot stamping the head sliding itinerary 900mm
the vertical and horizontal adjustment 30mm
Stamping temperature room temperature ~ 299 °C
the compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa
heating power 1000W
volumes foil power 25W
the heater board size 350*150mm
Table size 1050*350mm
power supply 380V 50Hz
the overall weight of the equipment 1800Kg
the device dimensions 5000*1400*1500
the fastest Printing speed 30 times / min