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TJ-81 auto card hot foil printing press machine

TJ-81 auto card hot foil printing press machine

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Product Description
TJ-81 is mainly used in hot foil printing press on all cards,such as credit card, busines card, PVC card & other plastic cards, etc
Product Feature
(1). PLC control, easy to operate.
(2). linkage design, powerful pressure.
(3). Stamping pressure, temperature, transfer time is adjustable
(4). go feed rail lateral longitudinally adjustable, convenient adjustment of stamping.
(5). the stamping head movements can be fine-tuned.
(6). Servo motor paper feeding and receiving photoelectric positioning and adjustable.
(7). Material the station storage card automatically dropped into the card.
(8). belt drive automatic admission card.
(9). automatic the bronzing program.
(10)The displacement amount using high-precision mechanical device control, to ensure more accurate.
Product Specification/Models
Power supply 220V 50Hz
bronzing area 50*50mm
Table size 30 * 30mm
stamping head stroke 35mm
Card Width 54 ± 1mm
heating power 200W
Stamping position error <0.1 mm
Maximum stamping speed 3200 / hour
Rails horizontal fine-tuning 80mm
rail vertical fine-tuning 50mm
servo motor 200W
Receipt motor 15W
Temperature range room temperature -300 ° C
Air consumption 5L/min
stamping pressure 1000Kg
Way of feeding servo photoelectric positioning
Weight 280Kg
Dimensions 1100*800*1400mm