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TJ-63 hydraulic hot stamping embossing machine

TJ-63 hydraulic hot stamping embossing machine

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TJ-63 is a semi-auto hydraulic flatbed printer type hot foil stamping machine ,It can be widely used in hot foil printing , embossing or heat transfer on leather, plastics, paper & wood, etc
Product Feature
1.Machine are controllable
2.The heating temperature of the temperature controller are stable.
3.Vertical pressure crank are showed a strong pressure.
4.Stamping pressure, temperature, speed can be adjusted.
5.Workbench can be adjusted by multi-faceted and multi-angle .
6.Automatic paper feeding system and adjustable.
7.Pitch can controlled according actually require by equipped with phototube
8.Workbench height can adjust flexible.
Product Specification/Models
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Stamping area 300 * 400mm
Table size 500 * 420mm
Stamping heads itinerary 60mm (can be made longer)
Max Stamping speed 1200PCS / H
Heating power 1600W
Main Motor 500W
Hydraulic station output 12mPA
Stamping pressure 20T
Temperature range room temperature -399 ° C
Hydraulic station capacity 25L
The volumes foil Motor power 25W
Weight 350Kg
Dimensions 850 * 800 * 1570mm