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TJ-41 hot foil stamping machine for pen pencil

TJ-41 hot foil stamping machine for pen pencil

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Full automatic surface design stamping machine,automatic feeding system,the feeder rotate into the stamping place automatic.
mainly used in hot foil stamping, embossing haet transfer on all kinds of pen pencil ball pen, etc
Product Feature
(1). Mechanical crank mechanism designed to run smoothly;
(2). Heating around the board can adjust the rotation, and to facilitate the safe and quick operation;
(3). Stamping pressure, temperature, transfer time is adjustable;
(4). Automatically sent to close the paper and adjustable;
(5). Stamping lift height adjustable;
(6). Bins storage, automatic crawling on the material;
(7). Automatically distinguish the product ends to ensure proper access bronzing position;
(8). Automatic bronzing program;
(9) .Square column design, the machine structural stability and durable
Product Specification/Models
Power supply:220V,50Hz
Total power consumption: 780W
Temperature range: room temp.-300 degree
Stamping area: (5-15mm)*(150-200)mm
Max stamping speed:2000-3000 pcs