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TJ-80 multicolor heat transfer printing machine

TJ-80 multicolor heat transfer printing machine

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TJ-80 adopts roller heat transfer with servo motor and precise positioning. Table of multi-directional spinner Suitable for heat transfer or hot foil stamping on paper, plastic, electronic toys, leather, PVC,wood, etc.
Product Feature
(1). PLC control, the operation is simple and convenient.
(2). stage linear guide rail operation, printing quality.
(3). stage cylinder drive, stable operation.
(4). worktable transverse longitudinally adjustable, convenient loading and unloading die.
(5). hot stamping head lifting adjustable.
(6). head is adjustable for height, hot stamping of work pieces of different height.
(7). roller heat transfer printing, more conducive to large area thermo printing machine.
(8). servo motor feed paper, paper photoelectric positioning and adjustable.
Product Specification/Models
power supply 220V 50Hz.
heating roller silica 90x200mm
Working table size 280x600mm
travel of working table 300mm
main motor power 375W
heating power 1200w
hot stamping height 160mm(adjustable)
temperature room temperature - 300 °C
paper servo photoelectric positioning
weight 280Kg
dimension 1600x600x1800mm