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TJ-30 small manual embossing machine hot stamping

TJ-30 small manual embossing machine hot stamping

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TJ-30 is a small manual flatbed printer. It can be widely used in hot foil stamping , embossing & debossing, heat transfer on leather, plastics, paper & wood, etc
It is an optiaml equipment for small business at home.

Product Feature
(1).Electrical control, operation easily.
(2). Workbench multi-faceted trim.
(3). Pressure, temperature, speed adjustable
(4).Automatic document feeder, the collection of paper, and adjustable
(5). Workpiece mold with built-preheating device.
Product Specification/Models
Power supply: 220V,50HZ
Stamping board area: 290 * 210mm
Workbench area: 400 * 320mm
Max pressure: 4000kg
Vertical stroke: 40mm
Heating Power: 1600W
Temperature range: room temperature -300 ° C
Weight: 130Kg
Dimensions: 650 * 650 * 900mm