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Foot pedal sealer

Foot pedal sealer



Uploaded on 3 years ago

* NS is for a desk top.
* Solenoid not by air type, but by electric type decreases useless working space.
* As NS operated by electric power not by hand, gives a stable pressure to the law on the top of the machine, user can get clean and flat sealing face in the film.
* Auto operating minimizes human labor and cost (NS).
* NS portable size is easy to be moved from one job site to another job site.
* Transformer, which is very important part in the middle of sealer functions, is made of the best quality coil and parts by Posteel (one of World best steel companies) so it can be capable of allowing high volume and it can not accept any followings in terms of quality.
* NS dedicated to hand assembling give no troubles and semi-permanent working life.
* Controller composed of standard and pure parts stabilizes all operating.
* By rolled teflon cloth under sealing part user is easy to replace.
* As the pedal for NS sealer is wider than that of other goods, it can make NS sealer stabilize on the way of your working.
* Fuse in controller is designed to be turned off by itself in case of over current.