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Indoor SMD die-casting 500x500 series(P3.91)

Indoor SMD die-casting 500x500 series(P3.91)

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Uploaded on 3 years ago

1.Indoor SMD die-casting ultra-slim,ultra-light series(weight:9kg/cabinet)
2.High definition(refresh frequency : min.1200Hz,max4800Hz)
3.Intergrated cast aluminium cabinet design,magnetic module design makes assembly and disassembly more convenient
4.Cabinet size:500x500x85mm,easy to calculate for rental
5.Using high-quality components,can reduce the rate of dead lights
6.Dual backup for power supply and signal,promise stable operation for long time
7.Seamless splicing,by-point correction,the entire screen brightness and color be consistent and uniformity
8.Wide view angle:>140 degree(V/H)