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automatic artificial stone production line : stone

automatic artificial stone production line : stone

hunam artificial stone


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Machinery and equipment automatic production line of artificial stone cement Plast includes: Screw by screw artificial stone production line, elevator and vibrating hopper, mixer, artificial stone cement Plast centrifuge designs Penn, Screw Tzrzyq and molding plastic mixing cement, artificial stone cement Plast vibrating table vertical 6 square meters, the panel central control system and to determine the dosage of raw materials and polymer materials, sensors detect the reaction of artificial stone cement Plast and determine the dosage of raw materials, the system loads the add-stone cement Plast and raw materials, Baskvlrhay tensile and compressive. .. is. This production line capable of producing different types of artificial stone cement Plast, artificial stone siding for interior and exterior decoration, all kinds of stone stairs and under the stairs nano plastic cement, stone baseboard, flooring and antique flooring, artificial stone cement Plast, able to produce glue tile paste and powder, cement concrete and concrete additives, and construction adhesives and resins and additives for concrete and building materials chemistry, engineering, nano-glass will be produced artificial stone.

Automatic production line of artificial stone cement Plast
Including automatic production line of artificial stone cement Plast education services and building products and technology transfer This series product line can be as follows:
Training artificial stone
Early Learning: The period of technology transfer , artificial stone ( artificial stone cement Plast nano ) and other technology building contract includes 6 days in office , artificial stone Hvnam ( now Hvnam processors ) are theoretically
Antique stone synthetic formulations education
Secondary education (after installation): applicant after receiving basic training artificial stone cement Plast technology and other technologies as well as booklets provided training formula, are obliged to supply the raw materials required, the form of artificial stone cement Plast, and equipment manufacturing and according to the situation and coordinate relevant matter to the researcher has announced. Secondary education is for 2 to 3 days and in the realization of practical technology provided to the applicant
Practical training to produce artificial stone cement Plast
Third Training Time (Training and calibration devices, etc.) (special automatic and semi-automatic production line of artificial stone cement Plast ) (post-secondary education) and hold it for a day or two after installation setting up machinery equipment and training complex at the site of the project will be done
Machine and production line machinery, artificial stone cement Plast

Some of the material presented in the course and Formulation of the series (Synthetic Rock Sngmsnvy training related to the production line, automatic):
Providing technology products, artificial stone cement Plast includes the formulation of polymeric materials and nano compounds according to the results of testing of raw materials, soil and weather conditions and the type and color of cement production (temperature, humidity, etc.) and the standard and test the raw materials with very simple tools and knowledge of additives to control polymer and chemical reactions produce artificial stone cement Plast based on different geographical conditions, training formulation of tile, mosaic training flooring Aantique production of cement Antique stone facade and a variety of plastic foam cement, the production of multi-phase training, with many color variations and color making too much of this technology according to customer requests, laminated methods of creating artificial stone cement Plast - education, manufacturing formulas similar in technology and construction of natural stone, artificial stone and artificial stone cement Plast engineering (Creating marble, granite, travertine and stone in artificial stone cement Plast engineering), formulation and education normal volume mass production of artificial stone cement Plast ( 2200 kg per cubic meter), artificial stone cement Plast medium education formula (1500-1700Kylvgrm Brmtrmkb) product training and antique formulas, artificial stone cement Plast light for facade (1100 Kylvgrmbr cubic meter density) ultralight training products, artificial stone cement Plast between 500-1000 kg for indoor decoration, teaching formula and special products with specific characteristics, transfer of experiences and knowledge related to the contract production to avoid losses due to the lack of experience of the applicant in the artificial stone and other technologies familiarity applicant surrounding markets and provide important factor in marketing and sales of artificial stone and other technologies to increase the power of marketing and sales of the applicant production line technology, consulting in the field of artificial stone cement Plast best-selling and most widely used format to suit the tastes geographical area applying technology and the buyer artificial stone production line, as well as providing all documents and contract formulation and production launch and supply of all raw materials indefinitely
Artificial Stone Cement Plast: automatic production line of artificial stone cement Plast

Training and production formula more than 10 different product types used in the ceramics industry - Ceramic and Stone ( Construction Adhesives technology ) pasty tile adhesive Ready (in two different types, and especially to Normal) Tile adhesive powder in various forms in two basic types , creating structural primers for plaster (used in the installation of stone, paint and primer painting and anti-dandruff and waterproof plaster), concrete adhesive to create more cohesion and elasticity, adhesive powder additives and adhesives for the installation of lightweight concrete in two different types of paste sealant health services, jointing colored powders in different colors, of joint anti-bacterial powder, a variety of construction and industrial grout in several different compounds with high adhesion strength, method of production technology extremely rough stones at an angle positive and negative with very low cost for interior decoration of buildings (and cellulose coatings and Antique), formulation of synthetic resin shiny and matte for natural stone and resin for waterproofing as well as the formulation of luminescent, anti fat, anti-UV, etc., along with the corresponding formulation and raw material supply contracts for unlimited and after-sales service
Engineered nano-fiber artificial stone provide training with artificial stone production line Cement Plast

Creating some of the engineering artificial stone ( artificial stone nano-glass )

Training more than 10 products from a variety of resins and additives for concrete and building chemicals and building products with long-term support contract free update Formulation
Training artificial stone decorative and interior decoration (artificial stone, glass Nano Engineering) with artificial stone production line Cement Plast

Training and transfer new techniques of painting and laminated artificial stone cement Plast with different ways (special techniques) for interior and exterior decoration with very specific colors to the beauty and value-added products as well as frequent training and other services to learn newer techniques and more services in the future, both in person and in absentia

Time to install automatic production line machinery, artificial stone cement Plast as hard and software for 10 to 14 days in the applicant's place of technology.

The benefits of automatic stone

Benefits of automated systems artificial stone production line of nano-cement Plast

Loaded raw materials required for the manufacture of artificial stone products and other technologies along with the ability to automatically recognize quality

Choose a formula capable of mixing depends on the type of product and the defined settings and displays a graph of the production process by the central controller system

Recorded year of production information and relevant reports in the Archives Unit and the possibility of transferring data flash memory and display system in Excel

Automatic scanning microwave materials are making artificial stone cement Plast and analysis for the detection and identification of chemical reactions and polymer raw materials required dosage formulations are based on the automatic production line machinery

Diagnosis and announced the end of each batch and mixed to prepare and send a command to output mixer valves in automatic production line

And injection molding the mixture into the mold simultaneously made by two pneumatic valve built-in automatic production line

: Disadvantages automatic production line of artificial stone cement Plast

We have not been identified disadvantages
The benefits of automatic production line compared to the traditional production of artificial stone

The benefits of automatic systems artificial stone production line (Nano Cement Plast) compared to the traditional manual systems artificial stone production line of foam cement:

Due to the lack of precise control of the combustion of polymeric materials and nano-dose experimental diagnostics (and other additives) in the traditional way ( artificial stone production line manually) when production problems occur under a number from this point we

Human error (staff and production operators) in diagnosis reduces process time and complete lack of reaction or deterioration of materials (mixed) in the production line of artificial stone is traditionally

Change in color plastic cement products, artificial stone production due to the lack of precise control of humidity and temperature made materials to weather conditions

The variation in appearance and mechanical strength of the products produced in different teams due to the lack of uniformity and quality of every batch reactions

Production far less in artificial stone cement Plast production line manually, because too much time to load raw materials required in the mixer centrifuge production line manually and the time of discharge material into the mold of the traditional lines of artificial stone cement Plast

Need many more skilled and trained workers and loaded into the mixer and molding materials in the production of traditional crafts and artificial stone cement Plast and ...
Personnel IQ and high accuracy to mix materials and polymer reactions and chemical detection

Waste and excessive consumption of raw materials due to the lack of precise control and dose response of polymeric materials in traditional production line

Adhesion mixed after the storage period to form artificial stone cement Plast due to low quality and mix of experimental detection during production in traditional production line Cement Plast

Disability holes on the surface of the product due to lack of control of polymer materials - chemical consumption relative to ambient temperature variations and applied in the production of artificial stone cement Plast

Education fiber with nano-engineered artificial stone artificial stone production line Cement Plast

*** Artificial stone cement Plast second type of automatic production line with a capacity of 650 to 700 square meters per shift ***

This collection ( automatic production line of artificial stone cement Plast II ) the same automatic with a capacity of 350 square meters is just twins. Due to the use of some common devices, as well as some shared staff and production operators, the cost of setting up a host Less than two automatic production line of artificial stone is, and that the cost of the production in this production line is between 10% and 15% lower than the first type. The amount of space required for a second production line of the two line Tvmatyk separately, will be much less. (To learn more about In this case, full description is presented in person)

1) Loading of raw material is automatically along with the quality control of the materials
2) The ability to choose two formulas for the mixture by the central controller
3) The ability to choose 99 pigmentation formulas and recording the mixing proportions
4) The ability for frequent reporting about the production process and ability to connect to the computer
5) Automatic scanning of the mixture (25 scans per second) to assess chemical reactions and determination of raw material dosage 6) Detection of the preparation of the mixture and automatic command to discharge valves
7) Simultaneously Injection of the mixture to the molds using two pneumatic valves
8) Automatic self-washing along with primary filtration of the output Disadvantages: no disadvantages detected . Advantages of

automatic system compared with manual:
1) The central computer exactly controls the completion of the production process ,so the reactions are completely done
2) The color of the products is equal in every batch ,because the central computer exactly controls the humidity and temperature
3) Equal quality and strength of the products in every batch
4) production process is speedy because loading and discharging of the mixer is automatic
5) There's no need for trained and lots of manpower
6) No squander in raw material because of the exact control of the dosage of materials
7) The surface of the product is quite unruffled because of the exact control of the used water and resin toward temperature variations of the environment
8) High accuracy in creating desired colors in different batches

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