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Vein Viewing System Product Introduction

Vein Viewing System Product Introduction

Beijng (Zhengzhou) Maidejie Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


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With the rapid pace of human life and the deterioration of environment,
good health is everyone’s priority.
Of all invasive medical procedures,
venipuncture is the most common one.
However, it is hard to locate the suitable veins of babies & children, the elderly and obese patients.
Stress may increase for both patients and staff during the venipuncture procedure.
How do we solve the problem?
focusing on the development of microelectronic medical products
Zhengzhou Maidejie Medical Technology Co., Ltd.,
working with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Zhengzhou University,
has created an innovative product- MDJ-01 Vein Viewing System
This product can solve the previously mentioned problem.
The uniqueness of MDJ-01 Vein Viewing System is
its double projection and accurate positioning.
It takes advantage of the difference in absorption rate of infrared light
between hemoglobin and surrounding tissues,
and digitally displays a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin in real time,
allowing clinicians to verify vein patency 8-10mm beneath the skin.
Its deep perspective device can locate the veins under skin clearly.
The system helps medical workers observe clearly the veins beneath the superficial skin
more efficiently, safely and directly
so that they can quickly locate the suitable veins for venipuncture.
It reduces not only the physicians’ stress
but also the patients’ discomfort.
Following the first generation product, the company is also developing the second and third generation products
regarding innovation as its premium choice.
Science & Innovation makes life better.
We will keep our vision and produce high quality product with advanced technology
in order to better serve our customers.
Artificial intelligence extends our vision.
Maidejie is always with you.