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HFJ compact spinning assembly

HFJ compact spinning assembly

Jiangyin Huafang New Technology & Scientific Research Co., Ltd


Uploaded on 4 years ago

H-fang compact spinning accessorial equipment is four-roller device desigened for modification on traditional ring spinning.
HFJ compact spinning is four-roller device designed for modification on existing traditional ring frames. Enjoying perfect structure, good workship, its performance is well accepted ever since its launching market.
When modifying old ring frame, no need to drill on the beam frame, no need to chang anything on the driving parts or parts beneath the beam frame, thus will not destroy any part of the machine. For the drafting section, only change roller stand, front bottom roller, flute pipe unit and add compact device. Then change fan case and change roving creel. In case of top duct solution, even no need to change roving creel.