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Truck mounted drilling rig

Truck mounted drilling rig



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The rig adapts to deep well drilling in the desert, grasslands, swamps, beaches and seasonal waters and other soft soils, desert formations. Two parallel piston mud pumps are installed, they are used to complete the blasting holes, cement paste (water) grouting holes, monitoring holes and well drilling constructions with the direct circulation drilling method. It is a powerful truck-mounted rig of comprehensive drilling ability.
The rig is mounted on a 4X4 desert off-road vehicle chassis, and the drilling power is obtained directly from the chassis PTO. Combination of mechanical and hydraulic transmission, manual control and air-pressure control operation is installed in the rig. The machine has the feature of simple structure, flexible and simple operation and efficient construction ability.
Drilling method/Max. drilling depth
Mud drilling: 300m
Drilling tools
Diameter of drill bitФ114mm
Drill rod (diameterX length) Ф60×4500mm
Power swivel
Output torque 6100N.m
Rotary speed 140-230 r/min
Feed system
Feed/hoisting force 70kN
Hoisting speed 0~0.99m/s
Hydraulic system
Rotary speed of hydraulic pump 1700r/min
Working pressure
Rotation rate Mpa 20
Feed Mpa 20