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portable drilling rig

portable drilling rig



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1. This drilling rig is applicable to work in mountain, loess, hill, plain, forest, gobi, seasonal farmland for seismic prospecting, mine survey, geologic framework investigation etc such drilling project.
2. Drilling method includes air drilling DTH hammer drilling, mud drilling, and casing drilling (with casing puller). Adapt to different drilling operation with relative drilling method. Max drilling depth is 30 meters.
3. This drilling rig uses the modular design, disassembling fast, convenient and reliable. It includes engine, operating platform, the mast assy., the power swivel, the aerodynamic system, the drilling tool and other appendices. Max weight of largest part is 74kg. Hydraulic system uses load sensing system which saves energy high efficiently.
Drilling method: Depth
1. Air(Hammer) drilling: 20m 2. Mud drilling: 20m 3. Casing drilling 15m
Pipe (dia.*length) (mm): φ50*1500 φ102*1500
Explosive method : After lift-ing the drills, Center of the casing
Hole dia. (mm) 3”,3.5” 68mm/82mm
Power swivel
Rating torque: 540 N.m
Rated speed 0~135 r/min
Hoisting/Push-down system
Max. hoisting weight: 1000 kg
Max. Push-down Force: 2 kN