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waterproof phone bags

waterproof phone bags

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Uploaded on 4 years ago

1. Size of waterproof bag: 17.5*10.5cm
2. Material : 100% Brand new high quality TPE+PVC material
3. Weight: 57.4g
4. Advantages:
*Factory price direct supply
*High quality materials, durable
*100% Waterproof bag
*Lightweight, softest
5.Color: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange
6. Use softest material on sling, never hurt your skin
7. Suitable for swimming, fishing, sand beach, diving, swimming, drift and other activities
8. Compatible with all mobile phones, from 4.5-6inch mobile phones
9. Green material, can pass CE FCC RoHS, acceptable all over the world
10. 100% Waterproof within 20 meter depth; Good sealing effect, photography in the water without making any change
11. Welcome OEM and ODM