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Dental Instruments Medical Design Sialkot

Dental Instruments Medical Design Sialkot

Medical Design Sialkot


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Medical Design is high specialized Medical Dental Instruments & Surgical Instruments Manufacturer of all kinds. Our products have exclusive Quality as per International and Medical Grade Standard.
MEDICAL DESIGN manufactures its products under skilled workers, used high Standard stainless steel, AISI Standard 400 series,300 Series, Japanese, French, High Carbon of Pakistani Stainless Steel as well, and tested from Laboratory of Surgical Association of Sialkot- Pakistan.

Our product line includes:

Tooth Extracting Forceps,Root Elevators,Scalpel Handles, Mirror Handles, Mouth Mirrors, Scalers, Explorer/Probes,Endodontic Condensers, Obturation Instruments, Excavators, Explorer/Probes, Amalgam Pluggers/Condencers, Burnishers, Wax Carvers, Carvers, Chisels, Compsite Placement, Plastic Filling Instruments, Curettes, Gracey Curettes, Dental Products, Crown Removers, Crown Instruments, Implants & Measuring Instruments, Amalgam Guns & Carriers, Retainers, Bands, Strip Holders, Napkin Holders, Rubber Dam Instruments, Rubber Dam Clamps, Syringes, Tweezers, Sterilizing & Lab Instruments, Endodontic Forceps, Tissue Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps, Towel Clamps, Orthodontic Pliers & Cutters, Rongeurs, Needle Holers, Scissors, Micro Surgery Set, Impression Trays, Articulators, Hollo Wares, Scissors, Dissecting Forceps, Needle Holders, Wire Cutting Pliers With Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Dental Implants, Implant Drills, Drills with External Irrigation, Short Drills with External Irrigation, Conical Drills with External Irrigation, Marking Drill, Trephine Drills, Countersink Drills, Lance Pilot Drils, CYLINDRICAL DRILLS, Punch Drill, TISSUE PUNCH OPEN ROTARY, TISSUE PUNCH CENTERED ROTARY, TISSUE PUNCH CURVED, TISSUE PUNCH STRAIGHT, TREPHINE DRILLS, DRILL EXTENDER, Parallel Guides, Depth Gauge, Stoppers For Implant Drills, Hex Drivers, Hand Hex Drivers, Hand Wrench for Hex Drivers, Driver for Multiunit Abutment, Driver for Aesthetic Abutment, BONE EXPANDER KIT, Hex Drivers For Low Speed, Surgical Driver, 2.5mm Surgical Driver, Universal Torque Wrench 10-45Ncm, Ratchet wrench, Surgical Kit, Empty Box for Surgical Kit, Basic Surgical Kit, Drill Boxes, Box for 9 drills, box for 12 drills, box for 15 drills, Dental Trephine, Dental Tissue Punch, Dental Hex-Driver, Dental Abutment, Dental Instruments, Bone Scraper, Sinus Osteotomes, Bone mill, Bone mill titanium head, Lichtenburg straight and curved 17 cm, Bone Aspirator, Bone Carrier, Universalzange 13 cm, Diamantiert 13 cm , Osteotomes , Bone Spreaders, Triphine Drills, Tissue punch