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Beauty care instruments

Beauty care instruments

Medical Design Sialkot


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MEDICAL DESIGN is a Beauty care instruments manufacturing and exporting company. We have grown very fast due to our knowledge, experience and Craftsmanship from a small unit into a big unit where we are now catering our customers with the best of our ability by strict Quality control and by following our delivery commitments. We are self-reliant manufacturer equipped with all the in house production processes, right from raw-material to finished product; applying the most modern and latest technology. Our regular products are Salon Supplies, Scissors, Mugs, Manicure/pedicure kits in beautiful and attractive pouch, as well as, Hair Dressing Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Nose Scissors, Nail Nippers, Cuticle Nippers, Nail cutters, Nail Files, Foot files and Assorted in gold and multi colors in beautiful packing.

Product Type:
1.Professional Barber Scissor
2.Professional Thinning Scissor
3.Nail and Cuticle Scissors
4.Fancy Scissors
5.Eye Brow Tweezers
6.General Purpose Tweezers
7.Nail Nippers & Cutters
8.Cuticle Pusher & Cleaners
9.Files Scrapers & Corn Cutters
10.Beauty Instruments Kits & Packings
11. Other Beauty Products