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Tofu cat litter and Corn cat litter

Tofu cat litter and Corn cat litter

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Uploaded on 4 years ago

Tofu cat litter: 1. 100% natural, harmless if pet swallowed. 
2. Toilet friendly, flushable and biodegradable.
3. Super Clumping, faster and harder
4. Super absorbency, extra durability.
5. Less track, keep home clean.
6. No dust, protect pet respiratory tract.

Corn cat litter: Made by feed-grade corn, semi-ripening and sterilizing, easy to store long.
Granulated into columnar shape, not easy to take out by the cat’s paws and keep the floor clean.
Utilize natural plant component and edible agent, nontoxic, no harm to pets even eaten.
Clean flavor for good deodorization and keep the air clean.
No dust, no problem of dust allergy.
Strong capability to absorb odor and liquid, double effects as the similar product.
Biodegradable and recyclable, scoop out to flush into toilet or garden as natural fertilizer.
Add the anti-bacterial components with good antibacterial function.