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Ultrasonic Hand Cutting Unit

Ultrasonic Hand Cutting Unit

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35 KHz Ultrasonic Hand Cutting Unit Rinco Type

We can design the cutting unit and blade (cutting sonotrode ) according to your application and products .also we can offer the video of some ultrasonic cutting application


- With German circuit ultrasonic generator ,Auto. tuning 300W-900W available
- cleaning cutting
- A press of the trigger switch button
- Overload protect
- Easy operation ,small volume and portable design
- The cutting unit could be installed on auto. production lines
- Standard cable length :3 M .

-Suitable for textiles and fabrics with minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content
-Simultaneous cutting and welding along the cutting line
-Configure with AS008 digital type ultrasonic generator (35KHz)
-Ideal for staight cuts as well as for contours

Note:Also we can custom made lower power ultrasonic cutting unit .