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automatic robot/food conveyor/food Trolley

automatic robot/food conveyor/food Trolley

Kunshan Pangolin Robot Co.,ltd


Uploaded on 3 years ago

Robot waiters take orders and service to serve meals to the right table. They are designed to operate as efficiently as possible with absolute minimum human workforce possible. They also have the capability to speak up to 40 phrases of Mandarin Chinese, such as 'enjoy your meal'. Diners at the restaurant interact with these lovely robots and take photos with them. These robots draw in bunches of customers and medias. In the long-term it will save the resterant ower a fortune in wages.
How does it work?
We can use remote control to operate the smart robot to run along the black line on the floor.The robots are programmed by Engineers to take orders and delivery the food from kitchen to customer. As soon as the food or drink is prepared and put on the tray of the robot, the robot will automatically delivery the food to the assigned table. When the Robot-waiter arrived to the designated table, it will warn customers saying: "Hello, your meal has been dispatched, please look at your own side". After the meal ends, the robot politely asks the customer to touch his head so it can continue his work.