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Robot waiter delivery food /Wheeled Mobile Robot

Robot waiter delivery food /Wheeled Mobile Robot

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Uploaded on 3 years ago

When you walk into a restaurant, you find a white figure is going back and forth the lobby and serving dishes to tables, greeting customers and attracting the attention of customers. How interesting it is! Yes, you are not dreaming! This is true! In a restaurant in China, the owner imported several cute robot to provide services.This is a special waiter newly joining the restaurant. Each time when serving dishes, the robot would stand still beside the table of the customers and wait for the customers to take the dishes from her hands, but customers liked her very much, and someone even took a group photo with her when "she" was serving dishes. The waiter named "Goddess" has become the latest star of the restaurant, it is a white robot waiter.
The robot with a height of nearly 1.68m looks like a lady wearing a white dress with a scarf on her "neck" and a black circle on her "waist" as if she is wearing a belt. There is a piece of black display screen in her white "face" with two glowing circles in it.
Since the owner of the restaurant brought back this robot waiter , within just a few days, it has become the restaurant’s most attractive star. "Basically all customers coming here would take a group photo with her, and quite a few customers come especially to see her," said a waiter at the restaurant. Frequently, there are customers specially stressing that they'd like the robot waiter to serve the dishes. After a few days, her name of "Goddess" spread, but nobody knows who started it.

The meals delivery robots move around the restaurant following a black stripe with magnetic tracking sensors. After the robot waiter came to the restaurants, a long black strip starting from the kitchen, winding around almost all the tables and finally returning to the kitchen has appeared on the floor of the restaurant.
This black strip is the private passage of robot waiter. After a worker at the restaurant enters the table number on the electronic display screen on the back of robot waiter, she would go towards the table along the black path, and automatically return to the kitchen after all the dishes in her hands are taken. Her two hands can lift articles of about 10kg at a time.The magnetic stripes paved on the ground can be sensed by any part of the robot, thus making the robot have no choice but to walk along the route.
If there is a robot in the restaurant providing service, it is certain that more people will be attracted.