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Vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical form fill seal machine

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Uploaded on 3 years ago

Vertical form fill seal machine for powder granule/coffee tea rice sugar stick bag packing machine/three sides seal small sauchet pouch packing

The unit does not need an external compressor for operation.

1.Powder and particle packaging: coffee poweder, ground pepper,sugar, rice, beans, electronic somponent, hardware screws.
2. Pillow type three sides sealing bag
3.Function: bag making, quantitative weighing, filling and bag sealing in full automatic process
4.Application: Powder and Particle packing, Food packing, medicine, seasoner, tea, rice,bead,seed
5. Packing weight: 2 to 50 g gram each bag
With the micro-computer control system,the bag packing machine could adjust the seal heating temperature, set the bag length and run the film automatically.It can finish bag making, weighing, filling, and bag sealing process automaticlly.

Machine features:
1. The packing machine suits for any powder granule material such as coffee powder, sugar,peanut,tea,medicine grain, powder,etc. It adopts micro-computer, photoelectric technology control. high precision, high speed, good quality,and easy to operate.

2. Dual shock structure, running smoothly, low noise. The packing machine enjoys small size and light weight. Projectile feeding, not squeeze the damage materials, especially for packing fragile materials.