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EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift 20' ISO Container Adapter GMC

EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift 20' ISO Container Adapter GMC

EOS-ENVIRO/England EOS Im- & Export LTD.


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EOS-ENVIRO ISO-Container Hook Lifts - Series SC with GMC-Adapter Set
for 20' ISO-Container & Standard Hook Lift Containers etc.
Range: From 18 tons up to 40 tons lifting capacity
Suitable for 3 axles/4 axles & 5 axles Truck Chassis & Semi-Trailers

As a response to recent market requirements, the sliding EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift Series SC has been adapted by our experienced technicians to handle also 20' ISO- Containers and standard bins, trays, tank containers etc. as well with one and the same unit. To achieve this goal, the - since years -proven and reliable, Sliding SC-Range has been additionally equipped with the GMC-Adapter Kit, which can be easily integrated to the lift system. The Kit includes one square Adapter Frame, which is placed beyond the driver's cab on a receptacle whilst handling of standard bins.

By operating 20' ISO-Containers the Adapter is picked up by the hydraulically adjustable vertical hook arm (continuously regulable to heights between 1,310 mm and 1,570 mm) and moved backwards/down - in order to be manually connected with the frontal Twist Locks of the sea container within approx. 30 - 40 seconds by the driver. Optionally, a detachable and also a pneumatically operated ISO-Adapter Kit are available, which is driven by the truck's air system.

The Pneumatic Hook Security Device, which avoids an accidental release of the GMC-Adapter, and the 4 integrated Twist Locks guarantee always safety during transport of 20' ISO-Containers. The also installed hydraulically operated Front & Rear External Lockings secure standard bins, trays etc. by gripping closely the payload's subframe rails with a distance of 1,060 mm.

Foldable Rear Roller Bearings ease the loading/unloading during horizontal movement/lifting and ensure quieter and smoother operations as well as an significant increase of the system's life–span.

Due to the usage of wear resistant & high-tensile Steel DOMEX in terms of the enhanced steel construction and the use of cast steel parts in places vulnerable to high strain, durability and system life are also improved resulting an ultimately profit for your company.

All lifting and tilting operations are carried out by usage of the Wired Remote Control, which could be substituted by a convenient Radio Remote Control. Modern PLC & CAN-bus systems are compatible with this transport logistics system, which will boost your productivity while giving you the flexibility you need to customize your hooklift for use in a wide range of applications.

Today, the durable EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift SC-Range with GMC-Adapter is available with lifting capacities of 18 tons, 26 tons, 30 tons, 35 tons and 40 tons for motor trucks and semi-trailers, which gives you the perfect resource for flexible operations !

Watch the Video of our SC-Range for 20' ISO-Containers & Bins besides !
EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift Module SC 266 GMC:

with high-tensile, sliding hook arm for lifting of 20` ISO- Containers (with GMC Adapter) as well as of Hooklift Containers, Platforms/Flat Racks, Tank Containers etc. Suitable for all commonly used truck chassis with 3, 4 or 5 axles and semi-trailers. Made of wear resistant, high-tensile DOMEX-Steel.


Heavy duty design, reliability, low maintenance costs and safe operation.
Lifting capacity: max. 26 tons (available also with 18 tons, 30 tons, 35 tons & 40 tons)
Container Lengths: from 4,800 mm up to 6,500 mm
4 Twist locks for securing of 20`ISO-Containers
GMC-Structure/Adapter for handling of 20` ISO- Containers
Tare weight: approx. 5,000 kg
Subframe/Distance between rails: 1,060 mm
Working pressure: 350 bar
Front & Rear hydraulic external lockings
Pneumatic security device on the hook
Lateral Guidances
Foldable Rear Roller Bearings
Hydraulic Oil Tank with Filter: 140 ltrs. volume, (Hydraulic Oil Pump with 60 ltrs./min.
Loading Angle: 26°, Tipping Angle: 52°
Hydraulically operated rear roll stabilizer, Electric push button control
Supplementary hydraulic function for trailer, Hydraulic Main Distributor/right side of frame
Hydraulically adjustable hook height from 1,430 up to 1,570 mm
CE-Certificate acc. to EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE
Technical Drawing, Operating & Maintenance Manual
Prefabricated Modules: Made in Italy/EU
Delivery: Fully fabricated as a module/mounting kit with hydraulic hoses
Coating/colour on your request acc. to RAL- List
Warranty: 1 year on hydraulic parts/2 years on structural parts

On request available:

Radio Remote Control
Lifting capacities: 18 tons, 30 tons, 35 tons & 40 tons
Custom-made Devices
Detachable or Pneumatically operated ISo Container Adapter Receptacle Frame
Military & Civil Defense Versions

Design acc. to DIN, CHEM (TS 17) & ADR's (3rd Edition) Standards also available !