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EOS-ENVIRO 40' ISO Container Hook Lift

EOS-ENVIRO 40' ISO Container Hook Lift

EOS-ENVIRO/England EOS Im- & Export LTD.


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EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift (with or without semi-trailer available )for 40'/45' ISO-Containers & Bins
>>>>The World's Strongest Hook Lift Module !<<<<
Suitable for 40'45' ISO-Containers & Bins up to 80 tons

Range: From 35 tons up to 80 tons lifting capacity for payload with a length of max. 18 mtrs.
Suitable for 2 axles/3 axles/4 axles & 5 axles Semi-Trailer Chassis

The newly developed EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift Range TBS truly represents a revolutionary design, which has great capabilities to change the market of transport logistics in terms of the economic handling of 20'/30'/40'/45' ISO-Containers and of oversized bins & trays, which are used e.g. for drilling rigs the land based oil & gas field exploration, transport of timber in the forestry or for military purposes (transport of ammunition) !

Capable to lift and to dump payloads (such as ISO-Containers & Hook Lift Trays, Bins etc.) with a max. weight of tremendous 80 tons (!) and lengths up to 12.2 mtrs., the TBS-Range is the first and only Hook Lift Device worldwide playing in this league and opening unexpected opportunities for your operations now, because for the first time, a Hook Lift Range is available on the markets for those payload weights and dimensions.

The fast and proven lifting method with an angle of only 16° by a sturdy hydraulic hook arm, which is also produced by usage of wear resistant & high-tensile Steel DOMEX (like the rest of the steel construction), enables you to handle the payloads with a cycle time of approx. 40 seconds - compared with approx. 3 minutes in regard to conventional side loaders - as well as to dump sea containers and outsized bins with a tilting angle of approx. 45° with one and the same unit !

Thanks to the Sliding Cart with Rotating Arm and the foldable Rear Roller Bearings a very low lifting angle of only 16° is achieved and ensure a smooth loading/unloading - in particular, that goods inside of sea containers are stable on their place without slipping backwards.

By activating the Rotation & Extension Hook Arm with the hinged Traverse Spreader upwardly, the payload is pulled by the Front Carriage onto the semi-trailer chassis and also simultaneously moved in the horizontal direction forwards - respectively for unloading in the opposite way. During the dumping mode the Front Carriage, to which the payload is fixedly connected, is tilted max. 45° by a frontally installed hydraulic cylinder upwards in order to achieve a total emptying. Whilst tipping the ISO-Containers and Bins/trays are secured on the Rear Rollers and also by the front carriage to avoid an accidental release of the payloads.

But, that's not all: Thanks to the Sliding Cart with Rotating Arm the brand new unit TBS 40 is ideal for the tough work in the Mining Industry allowing to lift & handle Equipment for land based oil and gas drilling rigs, pipe bins, water/fuel tanks, ancillary equipment and camp buildings with one unit, because no additional mobile crane is needed and all lifting/handling operations are controlled by only one person from the driver's cab - without the necessity to get out during operation. This, we understand as implemented contribution to your Driver's/Operator's Safety !

Extra wide loads with a length of 13,000 mm (by standard semi-trailer) or up to 18,000 mm (by hydraulically extendible/telescopic semi-trailer !) are lifted and placed onto the ground safely and trouble-free, because no lateral lifting cranes (as seen at Sideloaders/Sidelifters) reduce the available payload width, which you require. So far a low bed semi-trailer is needed, the TBS-Range is also suitable to be mounted onto Gooseneck-Semi-Trailers as well as for the usage with B-Double Semi-Trailers - enhancing your transport capacities with one unit !

Thanks to the integrated, since years proven GMC-Adapter and the absence of swinging chains, an extremely stable connection between the Rotating Arm of the hook lift and the payload's ISO-Receptacles at the front side is ensured - enabling a loading of ISO-Containers, Bins, Trays, Tanks, Camp Buildings etc. also during windy conditions without Swinging.

The hydraulically operated Rear Roll Stabilizer makes the loading/unloading procedure safe by giving also stability on - a little bit - uneven ground during lifting and dumping of payloads, which is secured during transport with 4, integrated Twist Locks. Due to the fact, that the Rear Roll Stabilizer is installed at the rear side of the semi-trailer, the driver can easily maneuver the prime-mover with semi-trailer backwards directly in front of the payload to be lifted: Additional space for lateral support legs is not required and therefore, your payload can be loaded/unloaded on narrow sites or directly to the edge of mining pits without falling below of the safety distance !

Driven by the prime-mover's P.T.O. or by an auxiliary Diesel engine, operated by Radio Remote Control and secured by Emergency Solenoids, the TBS-Range is supplied as a prefabricated Mounting Kit for self-assembling onto a suitable semi-trailer at your site or delivered fully installed by us onto a semi-trailer and therefore, fit for immediate purpose ! Necessary documents for obtaining the required homologation in terms of the semi-trailer chassis are provided by us, of course.

To prolong the system life, all of the high resistant Hydraulic Cylinders are double plated and salt spray tested - ensuring a long durability and your satisfaction with that extraordinary & versatile transport logistics system, which is offered with a significantly more favourable price than "conventional" side loaders/sidelifters on the market !

The superior TBS-Range truly highlights once more the outstanding engineering abilities and competence of EOS-ENVIRO and its partners to develop and to produce revolutionary, technical equipment - ultimately profit your operation !