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V folding 6 Lines Facial tissue making machine

V folding 6 Lines Facial tissue making machine

Fujian Xinyun Machinery Development Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 4 years ago

XY-GU-20A  6 Lines Drawing Facial Tissue Machine

This model is designed to produce "link type" box-drawing facial tissue, that's mean, each sheet link together, draw the top tissue , the head of next sheet will come out the box. And this machine can produce either embossed or without embossed for customers' selection. It has a feature of tight structure, easy operation, stable operation and elaborate designed.

We can make the machine with 1-8 output lines.
This machine can equip with single color printing or double color printing unit.

Function and Features:
1.Count automatically and output in order
2. Adopting screw turning knife to cut and vacuum absorption to fold.
3. Adopting step less adjusting speed to roll to fix different tension of raw paper.
4.electricity control, easy to operate.
5.This equipment can have embossing unit. 
6.Wide range of production width for selection.

Technical data:
1.Production speed:800Pcs/line/minute
2.Production open size(mm)200(L)x140-210 W(adjustable)
3.Production folded size(mm)100(L)x140-210 W(adjustable)
4.Power:7.5KW (380V  50Hz)
5.Overall size(m):5.8 x2.2x2(LxWxH)
6.Weight:About 5T

Specification of raw material:
1.Width of raw paper:840-1260mm
2.Diameter of raw paper:700mm-1200mm
3.Thickness of raw paper:14g/ m²-18g/ m²
4.Diameter of paper core:76.2mm