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factory profile

Chuang Shiji Industrial Co., Ltd


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Chuangshiji Industrial Co.Ltd, was founded in 1993, its headquarter is located in the town of Chinese coating material –Shunde, which is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production, sale on silicone building products. Since its foundation, with strong technical force, exquisite production process and “ innovation, environment protection, security, internationalization” business philosophy, the enterprise had become one of the most representative and influential enterprise in the silicone industry in China. Chuangshiji Industrial CO., Ltd has strong ability on production, research and development, as well had perfect sales service system. The enterprise is fully reinforced, which has full modern equipment on R&D, reaction, kneading, glue, cans, painting bottle and so on. After continuous input, all kinds of equipments had reach the most advanced level in the industry, assets accumulative total more than 100 million yuan.
The main product are glass glue, weather proof silicone sealant, structural adhesion, double glazing adhesion, two component sealant and so on. After the update on production equipment and full automatic equipment had imported, the production capacity can be more than 40000 tons one year, sales volume can be more than 1000 million every year. The company has established a sales team with more than 30 sales people, With excellent quality and good capacity, the products are recognized around the dealers and customers. Sales outlets can be found around in the country, and the company has a number of loyalty customer which have annual sales volume of 10 million yuan.