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PVC glazed tile extrusion production line

PVC glazed tile extrusion production line

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PVC glazed tile production line, synthetic resin production line tile, antique tile production line:
1. Energy conservation , sound insulation : The heat conductivity coefficient of synthetic resin is 0.325w/m.k, about 1/3 of the clay tile ,1/5 of the 10(mm)-thick cement tile and 1/2000 of the 0.5(mm-thick) color steel tile .Under the circumstance of without regarding to the insulating layer ,the thermal insulation property of tile can reach the best. The test of phoneme measure shows that tiles are capable of absorbing noise when it suffers from rainstorm , hailstone , high wind and other outside influences .

2. Shock resistant and low temperature resistant : The steel ball with 1 kilogram weight may fall from a height of 1.5m over the tiles without cracking . The tiles have no phenomenon such as hollowing, bubble, peel and crack via 10 refrigerating recycle.

3. Lasting color : Even exposed to ultraviolet ray , moisture , cold and shock for a long time , the synthetic resin tile can still keep lasting color stability. According to the 12000(h)’artificial aging test from the national chemical building materials test center , the result of which is△E=2.86 .

4. Excellent anti-loading : According to the test of the national chemical building materials and component quality supervisory station , the product cannot be destroyed when putting object of 150(kg)weight into a 750(mm)-wide support interval .

5. Perfect self-water proofness: The synthetic resin tiles that are made up of high weather resistance resin have the property of compact and non-water absorption ,so there is no problem of micropore water seepage . The single synthetic resin tile is a kind of tile of large area and little roof joint , so the juncture bond tightly without using water-proofer .

6. Light quality : The synthetic resin tiles are light materials with weight of 6.1 kilogram per square meter . so there is no need to add much steelwork and little need for bearing the weight of foundation and wall .

7. Self-cleaning: The products don’t absorb dust well , they become fresh as new products again after rain . so there will not be refute phenomenon after washing.
8. Good corrosion resistance: The products can resist corrosion of various kinds of chemical materials such as acid , soda and salt .Then the performance will not decline because of the sleet corrosion .

9. Strong fire resistance : The products’ matrix resins are not easy to burn, the fireproof performance tested by the national fire prevention branch can reach B1 grade .

10. Stable volume: The dilatation coefficient of synthetic resin tile is 4.93×10-5(1/℃), and have the property of two-way stretch on any kinds of geometrical shapes. Even a big temperature variation , the flexibility of tiles can also be assimilated by themselves and ensure the stability of geometric dimensioning .