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PVC imitation marble production line

PVC imitation marble production line

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PVC imitation marble board equipment| PVC imitation marble board production line By:
High cold mixer, automatic feeding machine, conical twin screw extruder, sheet nose, three roll calendar, cooling bracket, traction machine, cutting machine, peritoneal device component.
The unit compact structure, excellent performance. Screw and barrel optimized design and use of high-performance specialty alloy steel processing, so the machine has even plastics extrusion volume stability, high output, long life and other advantages.
Host screw tubes using cast aluminum heater heating, wind cooling, precision electronic instrument temperature control. Precision shaping pressure light device, through the good adjustment function make good plate shape. Cutting part adopts fixed-length cutting equipment, ensure the plate length accurately. In addition, sheet extrusion equipment can achieve a multi-purpose machine that can produce solid wood panels, solid hard PVC sheet, free foam sheet, PVC soft membrane and so on.