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[Cre8skin] It's real color hydrogel Mask

[Cre8skin] It's real color hydrogel Mask



Uploaded on 4 years ago

Hydro-gel beauty mask which contains fresh cucumber extract, the moisture ingredient of which reaches up to 95%, and supplies rich water to dry skin for moisturized skin.
A hydro-gel mask containing pomegranate extract, which has rich isoflavone which is called as plant natural estrogen, makes your skin revitalized and whitened and brightened.

Patented extracts from 7 natural plants (green tea, centella, chamomile, gold, asiatic knotweed, licorice and rosemary), hyaluronic acid and collagen ingredients supplies intensive moisture and nutrient for extremely dry skin which is felt tight.

Embossed hydro-gel beauty mask (patent No. 10-1197677)
Jelly-typed gel containing moisture the surface of which is treated by embossing finish is very close to the skin and effectively supplies active ingredients. In addition, it is a kind of new-concept gel mask which ensures fine holes contain sufficient cosmetic ingredients and water.