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TopTech Plasma Bridge Cutting

Uploaded on 3 years ago

TopTech Gantry CNC cutting machine PROTEC with Kjellberg plasma power source
Gantry CNC HD plasma and Flame cutting machine
1. German CNC control system + German Servo drives + German mortors = guarantee the whole CNC system have stable and reliable level on the world top class;
2. Japanese THK precise linear guide rail and European standard 7 class precise racks and Japanese Shimpo reducer is guarantee whole machine's precision can totally satisfy ISO 8206-1991 International standard;
3. German Professional nestiong software, which integrates edge-shared nesting, bridge connection, small holes cutting and nesting remaining plates technologies. It can save max plates material and improve cutting effective;
4. Working with American High Definition plasma power sources or German similar laser plasma power sources;
5. More than ten kinds of professional anti-electromagnetic disturbing technologies, which can avoide mass tracking issue during plasma cutting.

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