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37x15w 4in1 led moving head Beehive K20

Guangzhou Xuanyi Lighting Co.,Ltd

Uploaded on 9 years ago
• 3 Operation modes:wash,beam,FX(Kaleido effects)
• Bi-directional rotation front lens
• Digital wash-beam framing effect
• Beam edge softening control (in wash mode)
• Pixel patterning macros with enhanced control
• 0-100% linear eletronic dimmer
• Adjustable speed stop/strobe effect,with instantaneous blackout
• Dedicated channel for color temperature setting.
• RGBW auto-tuning to lamp CT emulation.
• Tungsten Lamp emulation.
• White CT emulation 2500-8000k
• Slow strobe:1 flash/sec;Fast strobe:25 flash/sec

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