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Fiber cement siding-BNBM Green House Co.,Ltd

Uploaded on 4 months ago

JINGBANG® , new type of wallboard that is functional and decorative, made from innocuous substances, cement and plant fiber, is extruded board, which is non-combustible. There are two series, hollow (K-Series) and solid (S-Series). Fibre cement rain screen and cladding panels is with innovative clips and accessories.

JINGBANG® K-Series is light-weight, offering flat and strips finishing, rich colours to satisfy your choice.

JINGBANG® S-Series is pre-finished siding panels in a variety of patterns and textures. Waterproof system creates ventilated back air flow, which helps prevent condensation and mould in the wall cavities by releasing moisture that permeates through the building envelope to the inside.