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Building padding square box building box

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Would you want to reduce the cost of building construction?
Would you want to shorten the allotted time for building construction?
Would you want to ensure quality and shorten building construction?
We can do it in that reduces your cost, shorten the allotted time and ensure quality for your building construction.

Why choose our products? What is the feature of Square Box / Building Box / Building Ball?
1. It is the application of lightweight bionic and ecological composite materials + hollow fabricated hollow floor technology to building floors and walls, as to further improve the building's thermal insulation, sound insulation, and thermal insulation performance.
2. The building box is a fully built-in mandrel, which can effectively restrain the deformation and deflection of cast-in-place concrete, and has the advantages of being lightweight and high strength.
3. In terms of weight: the self-weight is lighter. Taking four pieces of 500*500/mm products in one square as an example, the self-weight of the floor slab can save about eight kilograms of self-weight. Assembly speed can be increased by 150%.
4. The use of concrete is inseparable from construction, and sand and stone are the main aggregates. When the filling rate of C30 concrete is 33%, 155.76kg of concrete can be saved per square meter, 19.47kg of carbon emissions can be saved, and 41.58kg of yellow sand can be saved.
5. It can be produced on the construction site, integrated into one piece, and does not need to be assembled again, which improves efficiency and saves manpower and time costs.
6. The hollow building has a self lightweight and high bearing capacity. The converted thickness(the ratio of the converted solid thickness to the section height of the traditional beam-slab floor) is generally 25%-30%, saving 15%-25% of steel and about 20% of concrete.
7. The bottom of the floor slab is flat, and there is no prominent beam structure. The pipelines and other facilities have been pre-buried in the floor slab during the construction of the floor, which will not cause the ceiling to be suspended due to the pipeline installation affecting the aesthetics of the floor, which can improve the floor clearance and reduce the overhead of the ceiling.
8. The floor is flat up and down, without protruding beam structure, and the hollow floor has very dense rib beams, which can carry partition walls everywhere and can be arranged arbitrarily. Since the walls can be moved arbitrarily, it is suitable for office buildings and entertainment places. , exhibition halls, and other large public buildings that need to change the interval at any time.
9. The thickness of the hollow floor is smaller than that of the traditional cast-in-place concrete floor, and the total height of the floor can be reduced, the self-weight of the floor can be reduced, and the use of foundation piles can be reduced on the premise of maintaining the floor clearance. Or increase the headroom when the floor height remains unchanged to improve the spacing effect.

We are a manufacturer in Changzhou City nearby SHANGHAI in CHINA.
We can produce various plastic spare parts with wide usage of applications, such as building houses, autos, air conditioners, household appliance accessories, etc. 
For 17 years we produce plastic spare parts for any industry.
We have an R&D Team and plastic production equipment.
We can produce any size, color, and mold suitable for your requirements!
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