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3296 potentiometer

3296 potentiometer

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3296 potentiometer is a multi-turn precision potentiometer and a preset potentiometer driven by screw. The total stroke is greater than or equal to 15 revolutions, and the resistance body is as high as 300.
By turning the screw, the contact can be adjusted to move on the resistor, thus changing the resistance of the potentiometer. The screw of the 396 potentiometer can rotate all the time, but after adjusting to the maximum or minimum resistance, the contact will not follow the screw. The rotation of the mobile, so as to play a special role in protection.
Extended information:
preventive measure
1. When installing the "rotary" potentiometer, the strength should not be too tight, so as not to damage the screw teeth or rotate poorly; Install the "iron shell straight sliding" potentiometer, and avoid using too long screws, otherwise it may hinder the movement of the sliding handle and even directly damage the potentiometer itself.
2. In the process of mounting the potentiometer knob, the thrust used should not be too large (not exceeding the parameters of thrust and tension of the central axis in the Code), otherwise it may cause the potentiometer to be damaged.
3. The rotating operation force (rotating or sliding) of potentiometer will become lighter with the increase of temperature and become tighter with the decrease of temperature. If the potentiometer is used in a low temperature environment, it needs to be explained in order to use a special low temperature resistant grease.

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