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YANTOK 3D Cinema System for 3D Gaming or Education

YANTOK 3D Cinema System for 3D Gaming or Education

Shenzhen Yantuo Electronics Co.,Ltd

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e are the most powerful enterprise in 3D imaged and 3D optical research areas in the domestic.The company owns a highly qualified 3D R & D team, We are scientific and stric in R & D of optics, circuits, structures etc.
We have developed a very good product,its ensure to provide customers with high-quality resolution and the service.Meanwhile, the quality of our products have a strict quality control system. Purchase of raw materials, production, testing and marketing are carried out throughout the supervision and validation.,depends on strict ISO9000 the quality management system, we have won endorsed of all customers.
We uphold enterprising spirit and business philosophy of quality by survival,efficiency by management ,development by quality.Provide more quality products for our customers

YT-PS600 serie 3D Polarizer Liquid Crystal Polarization Modulator is an easy-to-use, high quality Digital 3D cinemas system at home or office that generates stereoscopic 3D images on a suitable projection - screen. The system can be quickly VESA/BNC/DLP-Link 3D output port.3D Polarizer is constructed from two specific Liquid Crystal panels that are accurately bonded to ensure effective polarization of the left and right mage from the projector lens, 3D Polarizer is perfectly matched to the high quality polarized 3D eyewear produced by MASTERIMAGE 3D.
3D Polarizer is suitable for both profesionals and consumers and is perfect for boardroom presendtations, conferences, classesrooms, lectures, home theater or any enviroment where high-quality stereoscopic 3D visualization is key to use your 3D prolizer, you need 3D content, a polarizatioon preserving projectioin metal screen, 3D ready projector and passive 3D glasses.
A.Technology has been a national patent.
B.Adopt standard industrial product design methods and innovative designs can be both beautiful and durable.
C.The use of imported high light transmission rate,fast response of the polarization filter and a highly stable electronic components,they can ensure high reliability and excellent work and 3D shocking image quality.
D.Adopt wireless auto-sensing 3D signal without the data interface and personnel to operate.
E.Support all DLP-Link Projectors.
F.Only a single projector, you can achieve the passive circular polarizer 3D.
G.Apply to all 3D Digital Cinema,3D home theater,4D/5D/6D/7D cinema, senior spa clubs,3D cafes and so on.

Technical Specifications:
1.Size of 3D filter : 130mm x 80mm (opening area);
2.Light transmittance: 40%±1% ;
3.Optical efficiency : 17%±1% ;
4.Ghost rate: <1% ;
5.Principles of Optics: circular polarizer;
6.Response speed of 3D filter : <200us;
7.Frame rate: >480HZ ;
8.Maximum Screen Size : 8m width;
9.Screen gain coefficient: 2.2-3.0;
10.Screen polarization contrast:>150:1;
11: Support the largest brightness:50000Lux;
13.Outline Dimension:39CM*28CM*6CM;
14.Operating Temperature : 0-60 degree C

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