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128Ton injection molding machines manufacturer


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Ningbo HYSION Machinery Co., Ltd. is leading manufacturer of 128Ton plastic injection molding machines in China. The brand HYSION, known as famous brand in the market for near 20 years, enjoys high reputation in the plastic injection molding industry in the world.

We have been focusing on the exploration of many production lines, including small-sized direct hydraulic clamp series, middle-sized connecting rod series and the large-sized two-platen injection moulding machines. More specifically, they are HXF standard double proportional injection presses, HXW variable pump energy saving injection moulding machines, HXM servo motor molding machines, PET preform molding machines, high-speed injection molding presses for thin wall products, PVC injection molding machines, etc. Among all these products, HXM servo motor series injection machines (with clamping force ranging from 50 tons to 3,000 tons) are the most recommendable. 128Ton injection molding machines manufacturer

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