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Moving tempering furnace

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One machine, one furnace (purification): Subvert the traditional technology and improve the output rate of product efficiency.

One machine + furnace (purification)" production tempering process system. After the spring is wound, it directly enters the tempering furnace with purification function for tempering purification.

Advantage 1: Downsizing and increasing efficiency
The tempering furnace is directly connected with the spring machine, which directly eliminates the manual handling and manual tempering procedures, and improves the output rate of product efficiency.

Advantage two: energy saving
Compared with the traditional tempering tunnel furnace, it replaces 380V industrial electricity, uses conventional 220V input, has a small-volume full-drive 360-degree heating mode, and superimposes accurate digital electric temperature control of ±1, which improves the efficiency of electric heating output and greatly reduces power consumption. the goal of.

Advantage 3: Improve product consistency
"One machine + one furnace (purification)" tempering can avoid angle and size drift due to excessive internal stress during the winding process, and greatly improve the consistency of the product.

Advantage 4: Optimize the working environment
The oil fume purification system carries out pollution-free purification of the oil fume produced by tempering to achieve the purpose of purifying the air and improving the working environment of the operators, with a purification effect of more than 95%.
Advantage five: small size and convenient to move

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