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Multi Size Paper Napkin Machine

Uploaded on 4 months ago

We manufacture, export and supply the varying range of Multi Size Paper Napkin Machine, which are highly appreciated across the globe to produce the high quality paper napkin. Our Multi Size Paper Napkin Machine has two rollers namely, hard chrome plated design roller and bowl paper roller.

Multi Size Paper Napkin Machine is used to automatically fold the jumbo roll into the square or rectangular Paper napkin. Tissue paper napkin machine system includes printing, embossing, counting, folding and cutting. The counting system attached with pneumatic attachment and electronic sensor so that counting could be varied according to the requirement. An extra remote is provided on the machine so that operate can control the speed of the machine while feeding the paper at the beginning. Options includes : No. of Printing and Embossing stations, Steel to Paper Ball embossing or Steel to Rubber embossing.