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Agro Products

Agro Products

Hammerlex Internalional Ltd


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We HAMMERLEX INTERNATIONAL LTD are Exporters of Agro products and Solid Minerals Such like African Hardwood Square Logs & Timbers/Lumber from Iroko, Doussie, Bulbinga, Okan, Ebony, Tali, Sapele/Eku, Mahogany etc, We export Dried Split Ginger, Dried Chilli Pepper, Dried Habisicus flower, Shea Butter, Bitter Kola, Sesame Seed, soya Beans, Ground Nut, Beans, Red Palm Oil/Palm Kernel She'll, Cashew Nut/ Cashew Shell, Garlic etc. And we export Solid Minerals like Lead ORE, Tantalite ORE, Manganese ORE and Iron ORE. etc. Any interested buyer should please contact us. We are available at cajeokezuonu at gmail dot com .We look forward to hearing from you