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Operation for water-activated pipe repair wrap

Operation for water-activated pipe repair wrap

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Clean and roughen the damaged area with the metal file or wire brush, which will help resulting a more succesful repair. Put gloves on,open the bag and immerse the bandage in temperate water for 10-15 seconds & squeeze the bandage to let the water soak in evenly. Squeeze out the access water, apply the bandage spirally around the damaged pipe area. Extending up to 50mm(2")either side of the leaked area. When wrapping, put each layer tightly and firmly, using hand to mould and squeeze the layers together in a tightening motion. Continue to apply prssure during application and upon completion. Suggestion: To achieve the best result,the bandage should be more than 10mm thick (10-15 layers). Allow 30 minutes for bandage to set rock-hard.