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COUME Azulene balloon flower toner basic 200ml

COUME Azulene balloon flower toner basic 200ml

EdenFarm Co., Ltd


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1. Manufactured by replacing purified water with bellflower water
- Purified water refers to water in which impurities have been removed from ordinary water.
- It does not have a bad effect on the skin, but on the contrary, it does not have a good effect either.
- Replace purified water with bellflower water that can have a good effect on the skin

2. balloonflower root extract content: 11,000ppm
- Our enterprise ventured to manufacture and release a skin/toner with balloonflower for the first time.
- The saponin component in the balloonflower root extract helps to keep the skin firmer and clearer.
- Effective for skin protection

3. Contains 20ppm of azulene
- Natural ingredients, mainly used as burn healing ointments
- A rare raw material that produces a pretty purple color of pastel tones.
- High-quality premium raw materials, priced at 2 million won per kg
- Effective in soothing skin and improving traces

4. Completed skin hypoallergenic test
- After completing the skin hypoallergenic test, "non-irritating" results were certified.

5. All ingredients of EWG green grade
- Consisted of raw materials of EWG Green Grade

6. Acquired ISO GMP certification
- Manufactured by ISO22716, ISO14001, ISO9001 certified producer