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Diamond titanium kitchen knives

Diamond titanium kitchen knives



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Diamond Titanium Knives (International Patents)

< Quality >
Made in Japan and patented in the world's major countries, Diamond Titanium 3D knives are distinct in many ways from steel knives and possess a range of exceptional features that make them ideal for use in food preparation:
Highly wear resistant / Corrosion resistant / Non-allergenic / Antibacterial / Light and handy / Easy to maintain

< Diamond Cut>
Diamond Titanium knives feature a partially scalloped 3D-edge which makes it so much easier to cut and slice everything from soft tomatoes to hard butternut squash. Some varieties of squash and other vegetables are thick and dense while tomatoes are often soft and easily squashed by a dull knife. The 3D-part at the front of the knife features several small contact areas enabling more pressure per area for a superior cut. The 3D-edge does the hard work by penetrating the surface and 'opening up' whatever is being cut, while the straight edge finishes the job. As well as fruit and vegetables it's also effective on meat, fish and bread: a truly must-have knife for any kitchen.

< Innovative Japanese Technology >
Diamond Titanium knives are made in a completely different way to that of steel knives. Titanium powder is blended with other powders including diamond, then compacted under high pressure in a blade shaped die
before being fired at high temperature. The diamond particles are concentrated in the blade edge, as shown in the photomicrograph.