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Axe, hammer etc tools factory

Axe, hammer etc tools factory

Shandong Pangu Industrial Co.,Ltd


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Shandong Pangu Industrial Co.,Ltd is the leading China manufacturer of hand tools, such as axe head, hatchet(with oak, birch, ash, fiberglass and hickory handle), splitting wedge &maul, crow bar, wrecking bar, pry bar, claw hammer, sledge hammer(stoning/machinist/sledge hammer), steel pick & mattock, chisel, shovel & spade and so on. Our axe, hammer have been passed GS approval and ISO9001 Certificate and sell well on the world.
Our Company established 1966 and over 1000 staffs and workers. Our annual output over 15 millions pieces. we are able to produce tools according to our customers special requirements as well
Our Wechat:0086-13969215593 QQ:810956232