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High speed curbstone chamfering machine

High speed curbstone chamfering  machine

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Technical Parameters
Model No Unit BT-DJM-100 BT-DJM-180
blade diameter mm 400 400-600
Max processing size(LxWxH) mm 1000*100*100mm-1000*500*250mm 1000*100*100-1000*500*250mm
Cutting width ° 40-50 40-50
Max Cutting depth mm 100 180
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) mm 4500*3000*1600 4500*3000*1600
Weight Kg 1500kg 1600kg
processing efficiency m/8h 400-1500m/8h/person 200-500/8h/person
Main motor power KW 11 18-22
Voltage V/HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Technical features
1.Fully automatic design,easy to operate,Effectively reduce labor intensity;
2.The chamfer processing with water ,no dust to protect the environment,Greatly reduce the harm of dust to workers(Manual chamfer,No water,large dust).
3.Chamfer size can be adjusted and the chamfer depth is 10-180mm,the manual chamfer max size is 20mm.
4.The quality is excellent with uniform specification.The manual chamfer is low efficiency and quality .
5.The speed can be adjusted to improve the efficiency.