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LED Displays,LED Video Wall,digital signage

LED Displays,LED Video Wall,digital signage

Huaxia LED Video Display Screen and LED Lighting


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Outdoor LED Displays,LED Video Displays,video display industry,LED video screen, digital signage, LED display panel solution provider.

Huaxia is the world's leading producer of LED screens, architectural LED media Facade and architectural lighting & Landscape Lighting in China. Publicly traded company, financial stable !
CE, EMC,TUV,RoHS,UL,ETL,FCC,ISO 9001,ISO14001 compliance.

Huaxia built China largest led manufacturing spaces,manufacturing capacity is 150,000 sq.m per month, manufacturing value is 600 millions US dollars, more than 1.200 employees,we have ability to offer you the highest quality level products to you, 2 weeks rapidly delivery time, offer excellent after sales service to you.

Keeping your budget in mind and delivering excellent return on investment, choosing a Huaxia LED video display and LED light means you're choosing wholesale price, excellent return and reliability for you.

WhatsApp : +86-188-185-63681 from China
Wechat: madonnaled
Contact: Madonna Yuan