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Our Five-layer relax dryer

Our Five-layer relax dryer

Dezhou Taiping Yang Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd


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Machine Usage:
It is used for tubular fabrics and open width fabrics drying,suitable for cotton,blender and polyester.
During drying,the fabrics are being supported by the net belts all the time,upper and lower nozzles are blower ,the fabrics are moving in wave form,after several times vibrating and beating,the moisture will be evaporated,and the fabrics are dried gradually.
During the whole drying process,the fabrics are in relax status,release the inside tension force fully,after preshrinking and setting to reach the ideal results

Based on the different width of belt, we could supply different models as following:
TPYHG-2400mm/2800mm/3200mm/3400 mm/3600mm
Based on the different heat sources, we could supply the following models with 3 heating sources:
1. Steam 2. Oil 3.Natural Gas