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Tesla T-CAN PRO Tsla PRO T-can for Tesla S, X, 3

Tesla T-CAN PRO Tsla PRO T-can for Tesla S, X, 3

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Tesla T-CAN PRO Diagnostic Tools Tsla PRO T-can for Tesla S, X, 3

T-CAN PRO has very fast developing software and hardware with small box interface. Can help you solve many problems with the TESLA car "Model S, X and 3".

T-CAN PRO can work with ECU TESLA Model S,X,3
2020.11.16 - Beta Battery Energy data reading by can, factory mode (updated).
2020.11.05 - Global DTC decoding codes update.
2020.10.26 - some Lan functions added.(wakeup,pintodrive,park dtc base)
2020.10.23 - CID commands Service and Factory Redeploy,
2020.10.22 - realtime by can level measure of TAS (EAS) Beta.(add some DTC base)
2020.09.25 - BMS contactor replacement procedure reset u019
2020.09.24 - m3 sdm read, erase dtc by can.
2020.09.21 last update.(Diag,Develop,FMODE by IC,Valet by LAN)
2019.05.23 NEW SDM by BOSH Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
ALERTS - Alerts on CAN bus (read alerts codes updated BMS 2018.09.14 BETA STAGE !)
BDY - Body controller on CAN bus
DH - Door Handles - Learn Front Driver Side - CAN BDY -125 kbps (BETA Stage - added 15.07.2019)
SDM - Supplemental Deployment Module S model (read,clear fault codes,clear CRASH log by Boot mode pin.)
SDM by BOSH Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
SEC - Security controller (Add Keyfob Key)
PARK2 - Parktronic sensors (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes) supported until 06.2016
THC - Thermal controller (Airpurge function)
EAS - Electronic Airsuspension System (read,decode,erase fault codes, exit service mode ) supported until 06.2016
TAS - Tesla Airsuspension System (erase fault codes,clear Crash event, exit service mode ) after 06.2016
BMS - Battery control Module (reset alert warnings w163,w026,w152,w153,w023,read softpack)
TPMS - Tyre Pressure (read sensor ID stored in memory it usefull if you need to make new non tesla sensor)
ESP - Electronic stability system (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes)

What is T-CAN ?
T-CAN PRO is solution/diagnostic tool for Tesla car only
consists of hardware and software


1. Car Programmer - plastic blue box with info label on top, inside is PCB (Printed Circuit Boards with semiconductors and SIM card). The device does not contain batteries
2. 2 Data cables (type: x437 and x437A) - these 2 cables are used to connect the car to the programmer
3. USB cable - this cable is using to connect the programmer to the PC or Laptop


The software you need to work with T-CAN PRO programmer.
There is no other software.
The software is frequently updated, so it is recommended to check from time to time [ T-CAN PRO - DOWNLOAD SECTION ] to see if new software is available.

N O T I CE !
The tool is only for professionals garages !
Tesla after 2017 year
requires a different connector that this kit does not have
This Tool is designed for absolutely qualified personnel ONLY ! For those who know Tesla car and CAN network well.

Package list:
1xT-CAN hardware
1xconnector/adapter x437
1xconnector/adapter x437A
1XUSB cable A/B