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Follicular Ichthyosis,Zhang Jian Therapy

Follicular Ichthyosis,Zhang Jian Therapy

Beijing Zhang Jian Ichthyosis Research Institute


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About us
45 years ago, Zhang Jian was an oncologist. Later she decided to study the treatment of ichthyosis on her own because her daughter suffered from ichthyosis and had not been effectively treated.
She collected the related materials everywhere, and finally she was inspired by the theory of "massage and bath" in the book called The Inner Canon of Huangdi. After decades of unremitting study and improvement, she has developed the "Zhang Jian Therapy" based on herbal fumigation and skin care with traditional Chinese medicines, and finally she had cured her daughter's ichthyosis. At present, her daughter is 62 years old, and her skin is quite good. Ichthyosis never recurred to her; and ichthyosis has never inherited to her descendants.
In 2003, with support from several sources, Beijing Zhang Jian Ichthyosis Research Institute was established. And then "Zhang Jian therapy" was formally applied in clinical treatment; up to now, nearly 30 thousand ichthyosis patients at home and abroad have been healed.

Zhangjian is the President of Beijing Zhang Jian Ichthyosis Research Institute, who graduated from Tianjin Medical University.
She invented "Zhang Jian Therapy", started the history of treating ichthyosis with fumigating method and has overcome this worldwide medical problem: incurable ichthyosis.

Scientific research achievements
In 2006, "Zhang Jian Therapy" won national patent (Patent No.: 3121032.5, as is shown in the diagram on the right). The linical validation shows that the cure rate reaches 98%. It is a new breakthrough for treatment of ichthyosis as a kind of intractable disease.
In 2016, after clinical verification, "Zhang Jian Therapy" was been awarded a U.S. patent (Patent No.: US 9,241,966, B1,as is shown in the diagram on the left). "Zhang Jian Therapy" belongs to China, but it also serves for the world!

Treatment principle
The essence of ichthyosis is genetic defect which causes functional disorder of skin. As the necrotic stratum corneum cannot peel off normally, the generated scales deposit and cover on the surface of body. Meanwhile, as the scales tear and pull with each other, pigmentation is easily caused. The typical symptoms are skin stripes as the revealed scaling stripes and keratosis follicularis such as sweat gland blockage, follicular miniaturization.
"Zhang Jian Therapy" aims at double stimulation of pores and subcutaneous microcirculation through compatibility of combined Chinese medicines and physical functions brought about by their fumigation and thermal force. Finally the penetration is accelerated so that atrophic sweat glands can grow rapidly. Traditional Chinese medicines for external use continue to nourish the skin, restoring absorption and metabolism function of skin.
"Zhang Jian Therapy" is the only medical institution in China where ichthyosis can be cured within 4-7 days through pure external treatment using traditional Chinese medicines instead of taking drugs or using hormone drugs. At the same time, the cured patient can enjoy the exclusive membership treatment in his/her lifetime such as Zhang Jian Therapy case for archiving, free after-sales guarantee, free nationwide quality guarantee and free return visits and cares, bringing the skin care without worries in his/her life. Furthermore,we will provide the lifelong free remote video nursing guidance for overseas patients.
Cure without relapse
After being cured with Zhang Jian Therapy, patients are advised to stick to Qingliyasi skin care products developed by Zhang Jian in order to maintain the effect of the treatment and keep the skin from drying and peeling.
The main effects of Qingliyasi skin care products includepreventing the relapse of ichthyosis protecting the skin against moisture loss, moisturizing the skin, and promoting the recovery of metabolic functions like perspiration and absorption. Furthermore, their traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients can condition patients' lung, spleen, kidney and other organs so that the functions of patients' skin can recover and they won't suffer a relapse of ichthyosis.