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RANGER 3D composite drainage net

RANGER 3D composite drainage net

Taian Ranger Engineering Materials Co., Ltd.


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Geonet Geocomposite Geosynthetic Clay Liner for Landfill Site
Geonet geocomposite, also called drainage net, is the two or three-layer three dimensional drainage geosynthetics product. Ranger brand geonet geocomposite consists of a drainage core and heat-bonded nonwoven geotextile on both sides or one side. Our geonet geocomposite is manufactured from high quality polyethylene resin,contain 2%-3% carbon black, anti-UV and anti-oxidant, processed by special extruding technology. Drainage net has excellent performance which traditional draining gravel doesn't have. Geonet geocomposite is mainly used for landfill, railway system drainage, road subgrade drainage, tunnel and retaining wall, and field drainage reinforcement projects.
Geonet Liner Features
*Better hydraulic performance
*Compacted clay liner replacement
*Wider temperature spectrum
*Consistent quality
*Granular bentonite providing consistent hydraulic performance
*Durable Needle punched reinforcement and shear strength
*Reduced carbon footprint
*Simple overlap seams